Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bracelet fantaisie origine inde 65 -

les frais de port pour ’étranger sont un peu fantaisistes et correspondent à ce qui me semble être un maximum pour les antipodes !!! Merci de me consulter pour conaître le montant exact de ’envoi vers votre pays !nDo not hesitate to contact me for any further information!!!nDo not forget to bring your appreciation on reception of the article!nCheck serious your salesman by consulting his appreciations!!!nNote how am not to io case responsible for the problems relating to the post office such as delay breakage!!!nDo not forget especially to visit my shop and its extremely rare and fantastic articles at very moderate price!!!nCaution: the carriage costs for the foreigner are little whimsical and correspond to what seems me to be maximum for the antipodes!!! Thanks for consulting me to know the exact amount of the sending towards your country!!!nSind nicht unentschlossen mich üjede weitere Auskunft zu kontaktieren!!!nVergesseicht Ihre Empfangsbeurteilung des Artikels zu bringen!nPrüfen Sie das Ernst Ihres


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